Friday, March 29, 2013

Display User Image With User Name on ListViews webpart in CreatedBy And ModifiedBy field.

We all know SharePoint supports to store images along with user in the userprofile database. End user can user MySite to modify the content of their profile through Out Of Box screens that is very handy. but the question is How to use the image / data on the screens where SharePoint left for customization? Like we have a general requirement to show user's image along with User Name on the ListView webpart.
or on the Document Library. or on the Listing page where use form field to bind data so users can view items.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Working with DropDownList with MVC and KnockoutJs to limit the data posted on the server efficient way

Working with Knockoutjs and MVC makes our life easy, but still there are some points that require some special attention.
And one of these points is How much data is posted back to the server when we make a async call? Well it is obviously not required for very small application that target very limited users that are using very high connectivity with the server. but most of the application are not like that. In general we have to take care of such things to make our application more reliable and scalable. Quick reference to the issue i have observed in many applications.