Friday, March 14, 2014

SharePoint2013 JSOM System.ServiceModel. ServiceActivationException

While Developing a WebPart for SharePoint2013 that will access data from a list using JavaScript Client Object Model (COM or JSCOM/ JCOM) we are getting an Error on Development Machine.

Message from webpage
Unexpected response from server. The status code of response is '500'. The status text of response is 'System.ServiceModel.ServiceActivationException'.

but when we debug the JavaScript everything works fine without any issue / break. after trouble shooting I have found that on development machine basically a single server machine all the resources are fully utilized as shown below. That causes this issue as SharePoint do not have sufficient memory to respond to the Client Request with in the expected time span .


The simplest way to resolve this issue is by performing "IISRESET" the other way around is (not suggested) increase maxBufferSize and maxBufferPoolSize in the web.config in 15 hive in ISAPI folder.


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