Friday, October 17, 2014

Setting Up MongoDB environment and performing CRUDQ operations

As I am using Windows 7 machine so in this post I am describing how to setup mongoDb on win 7 machine.

To verify the version of you windows open the command prompt and use following command

C:\>wmic os get osarchitecture

Since, MongoDB requires a data folder to store its files. The default location for the MongoDB data directory is c:\data\db

C:\>mkdir data
C:\ >cd data
C:\data\>mkdir db

Download and install the correct version of MongoDB from here.

To run MongoDB you need to goto <installation path>\bin in the command prompt OR add the <installation path>\bin as an environment variable
Execute the  command i.e.

<installation path>\bin >mongod   **this will use default data directory i.e. c:\data\db

OR In case you want to use different data directory then provide dbpath parameter.

<installation path>\bin >mongod -dbpath "path of data directory that you have created"

Congratulations!! Instance of MongoDB is up and running.

And now we need to perform basic CRUDQ operations on Database. So lets start with them.
For performing operations you need to open Mongo Shell. for that open command prompt and navigate to installation path and run "mongo"

<installation path>\bin >mongo 

1) Create: 

To create or use existing database 

so now a new database with name "coderower" is created and is ready to use.
Its time to create a new collection and add a new record into it.
For creating a new collection use
db.createCollection(name, options)
where "name" is required parameter which is the name of the collection and "options" is optional and is of
cappedBoolean(Optional) If true, enables a capped collection. Capped collection is a collection fixed size collecction that automatically overwrites its oldest entries when it reaches its maximum size. If you specify true, you need to specify size parameter also.
autoIndexIDBoolean(Optional) If true, automatically create index on _id field.s Default value is false.
sizenumber(Optional) Specifies a maximum size in bytes for a capped collection. IfIf capped is true, then you need to specify this field also.
maxnumber(Optional) Specifies the maximum number of documents allowed in the capped collection.

Now its time to insert new document in the one of the created collections.
For that run a command 


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